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Released on January 30th, 1996
Label: Earache

Unchanged, but Shane Embury is credited with “backing vocals”

1. Greed Killing
2. Glimpse into Genocide
3. Ripe for the Breaking
4. Cursed to Crawl
5. Cold Forgiveness
6. My Own Worst Enemy
7. Just Rewards
8. Dogma
9. Take the Strain
10. Diatribes
11. Placate, Sedate, Eradicate
12. Corrosive Elements
13. Food Chain (Bonus included with the Cursed to Tour split w/At the Gates)
14. Politics of Common Sense (Bonus included with the Cursed to Tour split w/At the Gates)

This is very similar to the previous album production-wise but has a bit more experimenting going on in songs like Cursed To Crawl and Cold Forgiveness and a lot more hardcore elements in the guitar-work. The vocals go in different directions for Napalm Death rather than the standard gutteral growl. You get your first taste of Barney's "singing" (ahem) on this album. It gets forgotten a lot but it’s actually a really strong album. If you like current Napalm Death and are thinking of going backwards to check out some of their older stuff I'd recommend this. There’s really not a bad song on this album. It was probably the third or forth Napalm Death album I ever got. i used to always think that was a dinosaur-alien hybrid on the cover until I actually looked at it.
Favorite Song: Glimpse Into Genocide

12/27 -- Unearth/Protest the Hero
03/07 -- Video Games Live
07/06 -- U2

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