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Greed Killing EP
Released in December 1995
Label: Earache


1. Greed Killing
2. My Own Worst Enemy
3. Self Betrayal
4. Finer Truths, White Lies
5. Antibody
6. All Links Severed
7. Plague Rages (live)

Greed Killing is such a great song. I'd say it's Napalm Deaths most accessible, radio-friendly song. If you donít like the Diatribes album you wonít like this, since it has two songs from that album and four more that were recorded at the same time and couldíve been on it. I like Diatribes but the songs on here that werenít on Diatribes are worse than anything on that album. They just lack the character that album had. I didnít count the Diatribes songs when picking a favorite song though, to be fair to the unreleased songs. Thereís a boxed set out now that includes this EP, the Diatribes album and Bootlegged in Japan, all for one low price. Iíd get that if youíre interested in this or either of the other albums and donít have any of them. Iím such a great salesman.
Best Song: Self Betrayal
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