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Live Corruption
Released in 1992
Label: Earache


1. Intro
2. Unchallenged Hate
3. Life?
4. The Kill
5. Scum
6. If the Truth Be Known
7. Lucid Fairytale
8. Control
9. Walls of Confinement
10. Malicious Intent
11. Social Sterility
12. Suffer the Children
13. From Enslavement to Obliteration
14. Dead/Practice What You Preach
15. Mentally Murdered
16. Extremity Retained
17. Mind Snare
18. Success?
19. Rise Above

I haven’t heard this since I’m never interested in live albums. Despite being released in 1992 it was actually recorded in 1990, which explains why so little of the then current incarnation of Napalm Deaths material is included. It’s nice that Dead is included since I seriously doubt they ever play that song live anymore. And it’s really odd that You Suffer isn’t included because that’s one song you’re guaranteed to hear if you ever see Napalm Death live. I will say one thing, that album cover is pretty awesome.
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