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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Back when I was a semi-serious musician and used to play in a band, my bandmates and I had a saying about what constituted a good thrash riff. Basically, if the riff made you pull a stupid face and bob your head, it was a good thrash riff. When I listen to Destruction's second full length in my car, people must think I'm borderline retarded because Eternal Devastation is chock full of good thrash riffs.

Eternal Devastation opens with an excellent song, closes with an excellent song and has some pretty good stuff in between. Destruction's style may not be as tight and polished as Metallica, nor as evil and oppressive as Slayer but they have a wild, rebellious sound that finally starts to really work after a pretty good EP and a debut full-length that had its fair share of issues. Everything just kind of clicks here, and Mike Siffringer really stretches his legs in some places, mostly in the rhythm guitar department but he also plays some tasty leads.
This is such a great description of this record, and really Destruction in general from 1984-1988. Although Eternal Devastation is not my favourite Destruction album, it is definitely the most classic. When I think of Mike Sifringer, god of riffs, this is the record that comes to mind. I would probably rate it a bit higher, but great review nonetheless.

I have to disagree about the first Tankard album. While they would get better (seriously Vol(l)ume 14. is amazing!), it's still an enjoyable record. 4.5 just seems cruel, as I don't think I'd rate any thrash album I've heard that low.
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