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Tankard - Zombie Attack - July, 1986

I've never paid a whole lot of attention to Tankard. I've listened to songs here and there, but they've always seemed a few notches below the Kreators, Sodoms and Destructions of the world. By the way, it seems that way because they are. This album is a chore to listen to the whole way through because it's one dimensional as fuck! Pick a random song and you can get swept up in the speedy alcoholism, but more than a couple tracks and it starts to fade into the background. Not only that but every single damn chorus is "Song Title! Song Title! Song Title!" with some gang vocals sprinkled in from time to time. This album may have been OK in 1984, even though Ride the Lightning bends Zombie Attack over and inserts random objects inside its behind, but this is 1986, the year of the big thrash blow-up. OK, I realize this sounds like an incredibly harsh review, and while I don't care for this album, it's not absolutely horrible, just kind of mediocre.

Standouts: (Empty) Tankard, Acid Death

Score: 4.5/10
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