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Death by Manipulation
Released on August 19th, 1991
Label: Relativity/Earache

Line up:

1. Mass Appeal Madness (from the Mass Appeal Madness EP)
2. Pride Assassin (from the Mass Appeal Madness EP)
3. Unchallenged Hate (different version, from the Mass Appeal Madness EP)
4. Social Sterility (different version, from the Mass Appeal Madness EP)
5. Suffer the Children (from the Suffer the Children single)
6. Siege of Power (different version, from the Suffer the Children single)
7. Harmony Corruption (from the Suffer the Children single)
8. Rise Above (from the Mentally Murdered EP)
9. The Missing Link (from the Mentally Murdered EP)
10. Mentally Murdered (different version, from the Mentally Murdered EP)
11. Walls of Confinement (from the Mentally Murdered EP)
12. Cause and Effect (from the Mentally Murdered EP)
13. No Mental Effort (from the Mentally Murdered EP)
14. Multinational Corporations Pt. 2 (from a split with S.O.B.)
15. Re-address the Problem (from a split with S.O.B.)
16. Changing Colours (from a split with S.O.B.)
17. From the Ashes (from a split with S.O.B.)
18. Understanding (from a split with S.O.B.)
19. Stalemate (from a split with S.O.B.)
20. Unchallenged Hate (live)
21. Mentally Murdered (live)
22. Walls of Confinement (live)

This is a compilation of some of the bands EPs up to this point and some demos and alternate versions of songs. I never even noticed the six songs off the split EP with S.O.B.; I thought I had everything from this comp via the Noise for Music’s Sake comp. I guess I’ll have to find that stuff. It’s good to have this because you can get so much material for one price instead of paying ridiculous prices for multiple CD’s with five or six songs. I thought this comp was rendered pointless by the Noise for Music's Sake comp but I guess I was wrong.

Best Song: Stalemate

EDIT: June 23rd, 2013: I got around to hearing that stuff from the split w/S.O.B. Really good stuff, definitely the best stuff on this compilation. I highly recommend it if you like From Enslavement to Obliteration. At the risk of getting lynched from enslavement to obliteration (haha) I think it's some of the best stuff recorded by the Dorrian line-up. It caused me to change my favorite song from this album.
07/31 - Windhand
08/06 - Neurosis
08/07 - Faith No More
08/22 - Motley Crue
09/19 - Godflesh
09/25-26 - Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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