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Mass Appeal Madness EP
Released in early 1991
Label: Earache

Unchanged but Mick Harris is credited with “backing vocals”

1. Mass Appeal Madness
2. Pride Assassin
3. Unchallenged Hate (different version)
4. Social Sterility (different version)

This is a really good EP. They still have the primal death metal thing going on but the songs are a lot faster and shorter. Less is more. It also has two songs rerecorded from From Enslavement to Obliteration with Barney on vocals, which is awesome. And the surprising breakdown halfway through Unchallenged Hate, with Mick Harris singing in what sounds like a garbage can, is even more awesome. It’s not uncommon to hear them play any of the songs off this EP live to this day. It marks the final appearance of the last member of the band who was on Scum; drummer Mick Harris, who wasn’t even an original member of the band.
Best Song: Unchallenged Hate
04/24 - Nile
05/18 - Abigail Williams
06/20 - Negura Bunget
07/04 - Agalloch
08/23 - Alice in Chains
12/06 - the Music of Final Fantasy

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