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Raekwon- Can It Be All So Simple
The Beatles- Love Me Do
Rainbow- Black Sheep of the Family
Public Enemy- Welcome To The Terrordome
Jimi Hendrix- Castles Made of Sand
Carcass- Symposium of Sickness
Destruction- Satan's Vengeance
Children of Bodom- Triple Corpse Hammerblow
Bathory- Of Doom....
Wu-Tang Clan- Tearz
Exodus- Piranha
Judas Priest- Come & Get It
Rush- Nobody's Hero
Repulsion- Maggots In Your Coffin
Deicide- Once Upon The Cross
Motorhead- Tear Ya Down
Terrorizer- Storm of Stress
Accept- Fast As A Shark
Satyricon- Mother North
Gamma Ray- Gods of Deliverance
Testament- Raging Waters
Bob Dylan- Knockin On Heavens Door
King Diamond- Coming Home
Autopsy- Robbing The Grave
Pantera- 13 Steps To Nowhere

No repeats! And 92% of the tracks are awesome!
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