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Alice Cooper -- Buffalo, NY -- June 14th, 2013

Hello Hooray
House of Fire
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Billion Dollar Babies
I'll Bite Your Face Off
Is It My Body
Under My Wheels
Hey Stoopid
Dirty Diamonds
Welcome to My Nightmare
Go to Hell
Feed My Frankenstein
Ballad of Dwight Fry
Killer/I Love the Dead
School's Out

I'm Eighteen

Another great show as usual from Cooper. I haven't seen him play Hello Hooray since 1997 so it was nice to hear it live again. This was my first time seeing him play House Of Fire live and that was awesome to hear. I have no idea why the song was absent for so many years from the set? It was a pretty standard play the hits set but that's understandable since this was a co-headlining show with Marilyn Manson so there may not be as many diehard Cooper fans in the crowd. So, pulling out any surprises wasn't that disappointing. The crowd was overwhelmingly there for Cooper though. There were probably only about 1,000 people out of the 8,000 or so that were there who were attending for Manson. I love that Hey Stoopid is still in the set. It was gone from the set for so many years it's good to see it sticking around for a few tours now. I was a little disappointed that he's doing the short version of Welcome To My Nightmare but he is doing the full version of Go To Hell so that sort of makes up for it. Manson joined them for 18 and he didn't butcher the song at all so that's good

Orianthi has gotten better every time I've seen her with Cooper. She seems more confident in her stage presence and her overall playing. She had a great little solo during Dirty Diamonds when the band did an extended jam at the end of the song. Everything she plays is just sounding better, not that it was ever bad to begin with. She's almost stealing the show from Alice now if you can believe that.

Cooper had the same theatrics he's been doing for the last few tours. The snake he brings out during Is It My Body, The 15 foot tall FrankenCooper during FMF, performing Dwight Fry while in a straight jacket and getting beheaded by a guillotine. Still an entertaining show and no matter how many times I hear him play certain songs and seem him do the same stage theatrics, I never get bored seeing Alice Cooper live.
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