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From Enslavement to Obliteration + the Curse EP
Released on September 16th, 1988
Label: Earache

Lee Dorrian – vocals
Bill Steer – guitar
Shane Embury – bass
Mick Harris – drums

1. Evolved as One
2. It’s a M.A.N.S. World!
3. Lucid Fairytale
4. Private Death
5. Impressions
6. Unchallenged Hate
7. Uncertainty Blurs the Vision
8. Cock-Rock Alienation
9. Retreat to Nowhere
10. Thank for a Minute
11. Display to Me…
12. From Enslavement to Obliteration
13. Blind to the Truth
14. Social Sterility
15. Emotional Suffocation
16. Practice What You Preach
17. Inconceivable?
18. Worlds Apart
19. Obstinate Direction
20. Mentally Murdered
21. Sometimes
22. Make Way!
23. Musclehead (from the Curse EP)
24. Your Achievement? (from the Curse EP)
25. Dead (from the Curse EP)
26. Morbid Deceiver (from the Curse EP)
27. The Curse (from the Curse EP)

Of their early grindcore albums I prefer this album. While it doesn’t have as many memorable songs as Scum it does have consistency. It still sounds a little crappy but at least the same band recorded the whole album. It’s pretty brutal stuff so know what you’re getting into before you listen to this. To say you like one song more than another can be hard since they are mostly just noise. But it's awesome. I like Uncertainty Blurs the Vision most just because it has such a warped guitar solo. I can't remember but I think it's the only guitar solo in the entire Napalm Death library, There are a few songs you’d still hear today if you saw them live. The title track is a staple and I’m pretty sure I saw them play It’s a M.A.N.S. World once. The Curse EP is included with most pressings of the album and it has two of my favorite Napalm Death grindcore songs: Your Achievement? and Dead. Your Achievement? (six seconds) and Dead (five seconds) are way better super short blasts than You Suffer since they can almost actually be considered songs. Dead pretty much sounds like how I feel most days. Shane Embury joined the band on this album, starting his tenure as the longest serving member of Napalm Death.
Favorite Song: Uncertainty Blurs the Vision
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