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Released on July 1st, 1987
Label: Earache

Side One:
Nicholas Bullen (as Nik Napalm) – vocals, bass
Justin Broadrick – guitar, vocals on Polluted Minds
Mick Harris – drums
Side Two:
Lee Dorrian – vocals
Bill Steer – guitar
Jim Whitely – bass
Mick Harris – drums

Side One
1. Multinational Corporations
2. Instinct of Survival
3. The Kill
4. Scum
5. Caught…in a Dream
6. Polluted Minds
7. Sacrificed
8. Siege of Power
9. Control
10. Born on Your Knees
11. Human Garbage
12. You Suffer

Side Two
13. Life?
14. Prison without Walls
15. Point of No Return
16. Negative Approach
17. Success?
18. Deceiver
19. C.S.
20. Parasites
21. Pseudo Youth
22. Divine Death
23. As the Machine Rolls On
24. Common Enemy
25. Moral Crusade
26. Stigmatized
27. M.A.D.
28. Dragnet

The infamous debut album. Most people say that Scum is their favorite album by Napalm Death. Some people are probably telling the truth but I think some people just say that because they think it’s cool to say as such. Or they’ve just never heard too much of their other stuff so they just default to this. I’m a huge fan but I wouldn’t even say that it’s in my top five Napalm Death albums. It’s probably the lesser of their grindcore albums. It does have some of their best songs (from the grindcore era) but it has really shoddy production that drags it down a bit for me. Granted, it was recorded on a budget of probably zero dollars well over twenty five years ago so that’s forgivable. But the fact that it’s got basically two different bands on each half makes it sound really inconsistent too. I think if this album were recorded today, by today’s line-up of Napalm Death with today’s technology it would be one of the greatest albums of all-time. They still play a lot of these songs live and they sound a lot more ferocious. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them play Multinational Corporations, the Kill, Scum, Siege of Power, Control, You Suffer, Life? Deceiver and M.A.D. over the four shows I’ve seen them play and if you were to see them you’re pretty much guaranteed to hear five or six as well. It contains their “most famous” song; You Suffer, which is praised by noobs for being the one second song. That’s cool enough but there are better songs on this album and better super-short songs on their next album. It is essential for what it is. Bands do this all the time now but I’m sure in 1987 it was pretty revolutionary and unheard of. After leaving the band (after recording side one) Nicholas Bullen went on to form Scorn while Justin Broadrick went on to form Godflesh. Nicholas Bullen was the founding member of Napalm Death. So yes, there hasn’t been an “original” member in Napalm Death since the first half of their first album.
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