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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
This is definitely the case for me. I mean, it isn't a great album. It's not even Avantasia's best album. But it does get better with each listen, and some of those songs carry over incredibly well live. And fuck me if some of them aren't catchy as hell. Some of them stick with me more than stuff off the last couple of discs even with their two-year head start.
Yea your right, The Metal Opera Part II is their best album IMO, and this definitely doesn't top it.I'm listening to the whole thing again right now, and it certainly has potential to get a higher rank.I agree that not a lot of them are catchy, but the ones that are catchy sure are! (Spectres, Sleepwalking, The Great Mystery), and maybe it's just me, but the album has a slight hint of 80's AOR sound, of course that could be the fact that Tobias is a 80's music fan, or Michael Kiske (who plays in an 80's sounding AOR band now) had a hand in about two tracks, or it's just me trying to find 80's in everything
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