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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
So you see my point then. My only decision point is that I've already seen Onslaught, and I haven't yet seen 'ryche with Todd. Especially as it remains to be seen whether M:pire of Evil and Exumer are actually playing the show.

Apparently that whole bill, plus Master, are going to get done between doors at 7pm and curfew at 10:30 pm...? I just don't see it. And no official confirmation of the support bands has been issued.

In truth, of all the bands mentioned, I care most about seeing M:pire of Evil.
Jeez, I totally forgot about Master. That's just a silly level of amazing for one bill to handle. I'm sure the 10:30 thing isn't going to change, the curfew's there to accommodate people reliant on the Metro right? I guess your only hope would be if they opened doors earlier.

I've seen Onslaught and Mpire of Evil as well and I'd still quite easily choose Onslaught over Queensryche when it comes to live acts. Onslaught is on just a whole other level of live heavy metal, as are Mpire of Evil. Seriously, Demolition Man screaming "COUNTESSSS BAAATHORAAAAY" right in my face as Mantas was being a badass two feet away was unforgettable.

Given your set times situation, I can see why QR may seem like the better option. If Onslaught get their full 80-90 minutes, I'd vote for them.
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