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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I wanted it to be a good album, because frankly Cinderella are being lazy fucking assholes, but it just isn't. You can be as blinkered and closed-minded about rock music as you want to be, but 'A Different Light', 'Thick And Thin', and several others are terrible songs, and things like 'Solid Ground' are just ridiculous rip-offs of other people.

But 'Ain't That A Bitch', 'Welcome To My Mind' and 'Fool's Paradise' are great. They just show that he could have produced a good album, and failed.
Ok, I'm just going to change my mind about this album and agree with what you say and hate it.Wait a minute, I just remember something, o yea it's YOUR OPINION, not mine.You're basically trying to change my opinion about music, and insulting me is not gonna do any help.Besides, "A Different Light" is actually one of the best songs on the album IMO.I don't want any arguments, just trying to state that your opinion is your opinion as is mine, and you shouldn't try to change my opinion and I shouldn't try to change your opinion.Fact is, no music is factually good or bad, there is always gonna be someone in the world that likes or dislikes that music.

That being said, Cinderella have been EXTREMELY lazy in my opinion and need to make some more new music, but Tom did hint awhile back (don't remember when) that Cinderella would be releasing new material, nothing official, but I guess we can just keep our fingers crossed.
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