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Originally Posted by gilpdawg View Post
I'm not going to get into this retarded pissing match....but I'm looking forward to hearing the record.
Both bands are playing crappier venues. Considering the QR guys claim GT has been rejecting their songs for 15 years, it's pretty amazing how uninspiring their new album is (not to mention how short!) And despite Jimbo Barton it does not sound like Promised Land, or anything else Barton has engineered for them. GT's FU album is pretty terrible and I'm pretty sure he knows it considering none of it has been played live. Oh, and both QR's are running on nostalgia as QR "Returns to History" and GT tours on Mindcrime yet again.

So... I don't think it's a pissing match, or if it is, then I think the only winner is the piss
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