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I was at this show in Ottawa back then. Blink were there, Mighty Mighty Bosstones too (they were really good that night), Alkaholiks, Aquabats and a bunch more. They had 2 stages set up and they were at opposite ends of the hall so you just turned and watched the next band play.

It was at the Congress Centre here which is a really posh place so it was surprising that they held it here (especially after I seen Pantera there in 92 and they destroyed the place) I didnt think they would allow that kind of show back in there.

I dont remember much of the show unfort, I was hammered thru most of the night! I was there just to see Primus really so I hung around the bar area (which was outside the concert hall due to an all ages show). Primus was great as usual but agree that the set was just too short unfort. This was the first time I seen them with Brain and he was good, but hes no Herb
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