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Kylesa -- Montreal, Quebec -- June 13th, 2013

Venue: Il Motore
Opening bands: Sierra, Lazer/Wulf & White Hills
Tour: Ultraviolet Summer Tour 2013

Incredible performance by every band, especially Kylesa, who blew everyone's mind away. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I have to prepare to go to the Rockfest, so no review this time.

Blood Ceremony

I'm Coming With You
Return to Forever
My Demon Brother
The Eldritch Dark
Goodbye Gemini
Oliver Haddo
Coven Tree


Tired Climb
Said and Done
Don't Look Back
To Forget
Bottom Line
Nature's Predators
(Drum Jam)
Unknown Awareness
Long Gone
Hollow Severer


(Psychedelic Improvisation*)
Running Red
Where the Horizon Unfolds

*Phillip Cope making atmospheric noise with his theremin, skateboard guitar and pedals.
8/6 - SubRosa
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