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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I realized something really interesting while reading this thread. Metallica was my favorite band for at least 5 years during my "prime" and I saw them 3 times during that span. The Ride the Lightning Tour with WASP which I documented on this site. The Master Tour opening for Ozzy and the Justice headlining tour with Queensryche opening.

Ironically I haven't seen them live since. Not 100% sure why, I know some logistics come into play like Ocean City weekend when they came with Machine Head but I'm shocked that I haven't seen them live since then. The whole stadium, in the round thing is definitely a factor also but this thread has actually piqued my interest in seeing them again.

Plus the fact they're playing more Kill Em' All songs helps also. If they were coming around playing Kill Em All I would be there 1st in line. Hopefully they drop Nothing Else Matters by then too...

Also, you tube the Four Horsemen version from the Quebec show PowerMaiden posted. I know it's Newsted playing with a pick but I love that song sped up like that. James and Kirk were beastly back then...
I was in the same situation as you back in late 2008 (hadn't seen Metallica since the 80's) when they came through Seattle and my friend persuaded me to go against my better judgment. Ultimately, I was disappointed in the show (if interested, you can read my comments here:, but I saw them again at the Big 4 show in Indio and enjoyed them and it seems as though they are starting to play a lot more songs from the best (first three) albums. Hopefully that trend continues.
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