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Five out of eight songs from the new album is a bit much, and no songs at all from Prehistoricisms is unconscionable, not to mention that the one song they played from Valley of Smoke isn't one of my favorites (although it seems like it would translate pretty well live).

Having said this, two songs from Void is pretty cool, the fact that "Gleamer" is one of them is even better, and it's IntrOnaut so of course I'm going and of course it's going to be fucking awesome.

Plus, MotA is just icing on the cake. I've seen them before as a headliner (in fact, in the same venue they're playing tonight), and I'm quite confident they are going to kick major amounts of ass, even with a short set.

Couldn't care less about StS. They're a weak version of AaL if you ask me. That said, they're not that bad a fit with IntrOnaut, similarly to how AaL made sense with both bands on the Meshuggah tour. I get it. That'll be my merch break time.

Thanks for posting.

EDIT: Oh, and I wouldn't call that headstock picking thing they do in "The Welding" a riff, exactly - it's more of a rhythmic thing they do to add a syncopated feel to the song. Personally, it drives me nuts. The bass work on the song is great, though, so I've got no complaints that they're playing it.

EDIT2: "Harmonomicon" is an interesting choice. I'm surprised they didn't lose the crowd a little with that one. It's very mellow, and IntrOnaut is known for blowing the doors off when they play live.
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