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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
You had to wait in a will call line for 4 fucking hours????

Yeah, it was insane. My friends and I showed up a few hours after 11AM (the time at which shuttles started). Hundreds of people were already there and hundreds more followed. There were 6 windows for tickets: 2 for guest list, 2 to purchase tickets and 2 for will-call. So the lineups in the pictures from the link I provided were being serviced by only 2 windows... The interactive nonsense included in the bracelet didn't help either (using your bracelet to check-in at different places at the festival to win prizes, etc...). The employee had to scan something on the computer screen and then scan the bracelet itself and I heard they were having troubles with the machines. So that slowed down the process even more.

Originally Posted by kevindeets View Post
I got to Cobo at 11:30 am Sat. and did not have to wait long (wanted to make sure not to muss The Bronx and Battlecross). I also did not have to do will-call. I heard that was a pain. Glad you ended up having fun.
Thanks for the response! It was fun but I ended up with the foulest of attitudes about the whole festival and Detroit but looking back it wasn't bad at all and like Hetfield said: "We'll learn from our mistakes. That's why we're here". I'm so happy he acknowledged the complaints onstage.
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