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Due to will-call troubles (Front Gate Tickets actually contacted me about it yesterday) I got to the festival two hours before the Red Hot Chili Peppers started. I waited in line for some food, chilled a bit and then watched the Red Hot Chili Peppers play an awesome show. The setlist is actually a pretty standard setlist from when they were touring for their album I'm With You. I still consider this show a part of that tour actually. I think I read somewhere that the tour would "go on forever".

Question for the OP: What time did you get to Cobo and how long was the wait for the shuttle on day 1?

Day 2 was much better. My friends and I showed up at Cobo at about 1PM (maybe earlier, I don't remember now) and there was one busload of people waiting. We got to the island immediately and were able to enjoy most of the festival including the Metallica Museum and Kirk's Crypt. My favorite songs from Metallica's set were The Day That Never Comes, I Disappear, Orion and Turn The Page.

So yeah, good festival. They got it together for day 2 (although maybe this was because everyone had their pass by then) and I would go back next year. Getting off the island was really fast both nights and there is lots to see and do at the festival.

I just hope they ship passes to international fans next year. I will even pay 5-10 bucks for shipping to avoid another 4 hour will-call line although I'm sure they will hire enough people next year to avoid another such situation.
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