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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Ryback was dead when they called him Ryback and made him a Goldberg knockoff. I do agree about Jericho, but then again there were people saying the same thing about Jericho in 2008-9. Hell there were probably people saying that right before his run with Punk.
I disagree about Ryback. He was off to a good start but him not winning on PPV in forever, not taking the belt from Punk last year and finally the heel turn have ruined any star potential he had. Maybe he was a bit of a Goldberg rip off but it was working for him for awhile until the WWE decided to make him look like a fool in every big match he's had since last year. Stars are made by winning the big matches and Ryback will never be one now since the WWE has had him lose so many of them. It's a shame to since there was potential with his character last summer.

I think Jericho's heel run last year was the last one of his career. People really did want to cheer him when he came back at the beginning of 2012 but the WWE forced the heel turn to happen and Jericho was able to make it work. Punk being hugely over as a face helped that to but I feel Jericho has finally reached that untouchable, do no wrong veteran status this year and another heel turn won't work.