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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Their rock bottom is lower than any of us could have imagined: they're playing an abandoned limestone quarry that motorcyclists like to ride around a half hour away from the nearest town here in beautiful Southern Indiana. Kill yourselves.

Are you sure that's their rock bottom? Because they literally played a Harley Davidson dealership here in Toledo last month. A Harley Davidson dealership. I don't care if it was "bike week" because that's still lame as hell. And even worse, the last time Queensryche was in Toledo was back in 2005, when they played the Stranahan Theater. You know, the type of venue you can go and see symphonies, comedians, musicals, etc. From that... to a fucking motorcycle dealership.

For an extra dose of pandering it's pretty funny that back in 2006 when they toured on Mindcrime II and had that whole "ride your motorcycle to the gig for charity" or whatever the fuck that was the two band members that participated in the riding were: two guys no longer in the band

I mean, at least if Judas Priest played a Harley dealership you could figure, well, motorcycles are sort of a part of the band. But Queensryche?

Originally Posted by DethMaiden
Kill yourselves.
2/24 - The Foundry
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