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Gotta say I'm a little disappointed w/ NIN. Looks like they are trying to milk this reunion for all its worth. On Lights In The Sky w/ the EXACT same setup (arenas, end stage, GA floor, etc...) when I saw them in Tulsa I paid between $45-55 to be on the GA floor. After looking on Ticketmaster out of the 3 or 4 I looked at, the floor is going for $100+. I'm sure it will be an amazing show like Lights In The Sky.

If they say this tour will be an extension of it, then why in the hell is the price literally twice what it was in 2008? I love NIN and they put on the best live stage show I've ever seen but I'm disappointed that they are jacking their prices up all because of the shtick of "reuniting". Kinda reeks of a $ grab.
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