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Ya beat me too it man, I hadn't had a chance to post a review at all, but yours pretty much says it all and then some. I will say though, I thought affiance were good, but their vocalist kinda ruined it. At least live he did, he sounds much better on album, and to his credit did seem to improve a bit as their set went on. I never thought id admit to this but I thought I actually enjoyed the word alive more than miss may i. MMI bored me to death, and not that TWA were incredible or anything but their cover of 94hours was tit. Darkest Hour and KSE absolutely destroyed though. I hadn't seen DH in years so it was a nice trip down memory lane for me. KSE are my favorite band, Iv had the privilege of seeing them play Alive Or Just Breathing in its entirety, and jesse's return show at nemh, in addition to having seen them multiple times with howard on vocals. Every time is memorable, glad you enjoyed the show as much as I did. Looking forward to the next U.S. tour, Im hoping for either a tour with trivium, or in flames.
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