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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
First, I don't know that I would stick our community with an egregious love of Metallica. Iron Maiden, Yes. Metallica, I wouldn't go that far myself.

Metal fans have been shitting on Metallica since the early 90s. The band hasn't been what a lot of Back In The Day fans want it to be for almost twenty years. It's time to get over it. I would take Metallica over a cover band (careful, your colors are showing with comments like that) any time. There are far better musicians out there but there are a multitude much worse. Speaking from the last times I saw Metallica in 2004 (almost ten years ago to be fair), their stage show was worth the money. I loved the live post-concert 'boot' on their web site. Fun times.

My primary Metallica playlist is called Metallica Schmetallica (showing my own colors). It opens with Ecstasy Of Gold ( a 3:26 version from a soundtrack album) and continues with the studio albums in order ( from Kill 'Em All to Death Magnetic) with Garage Inc and S&M inserted into between Reload and St Anger. I listen to it mainly on shuffle and generally really enjoy it.. but then again, I also don't listen to it very often.

I haven't considered Metallica relevant for a very long time. The band puts an album every five years or so, and the lack of passion in the work is right there for everyone to hear. Most of their music isn't bad, it's not just great. I care about their next album as much as Metallica seems to care about it... not much. Personally, I'm over 'Metallica' and just enjoy their music for what it is.
I know that this community is one that lives and dies with Iron Maiden, but Maiden still brings it live. Metallica doesn't yet I always see a bunch of posts praising their setlists, performances, etc. I'm not sure what colors I'm showing with the cover band comment. Metallica is a shadow of the band they used to be. I'd rather see a band who can do justice to the great material they're playing.

As for the studio albums, that has no bearing on this. I still listen to their classic stuff regularly. Not every week or even every month, but often enough and I still enjoy the hell out of them. The issue is not their studio recordings --I even enjoy a good deal of the Loads too -- it's the way they represent that studio material live nowadays. But I agree with you in one sense; Metallica is not relevant to the metal community. I don't look forward to their next album. I won't buy it. I'll listen to it, probably enjoy it on some level, but they don't matter anymore.
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