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Sweden Rock Festival -- Solvesborg, Sweden -- June 5th-8th, 2013

Venue: Norje Boke

Wednesday June 5th

Candlemass (00:00-01:35)
Dark Reflections
Emperor of The Void
Under The Oak
At The Gallows End
Darkness In Paradise
Psalms of The Dead
Black As Time
Crystal Ball

Mats Leven - vocals
Leif Edling - bass
Mats Bjorkman - guitar
Lars Johansson - guitar
Jan Lindh - drums
Per Wiberg - keyboards

Thursday June 6th

Demon (12:15-13:15)
Night of The Demon
The Grand Illusion
Sign of The Madman
Standing On The Edge
Heart of Our Time
Fill Your Head With Rock
Life On The Wire
The Plague
Don't Break The Circle

Dave Hill - vocals
Paul Hume - guitar
David Cotterill - guitar
Ray Walmsley - bass
Neil Ogden - drums
Karl Waye - keyboards

Michael Katon (13:45-14:45)
Whiskey Hill
Come On Back To Hell
No More Whiskey
Red Moon Risin'
Diablo Boogie
Barbeque On My Boogie
Fried Jalapenos
Boogie Man

Michael Katon - vocals/guitar
Judith Renkema - bass
Erwin Gielen - drums

Morgana Lefay (14:45-16:00)
Nowhere Island
The Source of Pain
Rooms of Sleep
Angel's Deceit
Master of The Masquerade
Another Dawn
The Boon He Gives
Face of Fear
I Roam
To Isengard
In The Court of The Crimson King

Charles Rytkonen - vocals
Peter Grehn - guitar
Tony Eriksson - guitar
Fredrik Lundberg - bass
Pelle Akerlind - drums

Rick Springfield (16:15-17:25)
Wide Awake
I've Done Everything For You
Living In Oz
Celebrate Youth
Our Ship's Sinking
Affair of The Heart
I Hate Myself
Rock of Life
Love Somebody
The Man That Never Was
Love Is Alright Tonight
Cross Road Blues
Don't Talk To Strangers
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl

Rick Springfield - vocals/guitar
George Bernhardt - guitar
George Nastos - bass
Paul Trudeau - keyboards
Rodger Carter - drums

Thunder (21:15-22:45)
Dirty Love
River of Pain
Higher Ground
On The Radio
Low Life In High Places
Backstreet Symphony
The Devil Made Me Do It
Until My Dying Day
Somebody Get Me A Spin Doctor
You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
Love Walked In
Fade Into The Sun
I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll

Danny Bowes - vocals
Luke Morley - guitar
Ben Matthews - guitar/keyboards
Chris Childs - bass
Harry James - drums

KISS (23:00-01:00)
Psycho Circus
Shout It Out Loud
Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
I Love It Loud
Hell Or Hallelujah
War Machine
Calling Dr. Love
Say Yeah
Shock Me / Outta This World
Guitar Solo
Drum Solo
Bass Solo
God of Thunder
Lick It Up
Love Gun
Rock And Roll All Nite
Detroit Rock City
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Black Diamond

Paul Stanley - "vocals"/guitar
Gene Simmons - vocals/bass
Tommy Thayer - guitar
Eric Singer - drums

Friday June 7th

Audrey Horne (12:00-13:00)
Redemption Blues
Bridges And Anchors
Show And Tell
There Goes A Lady
Cards With The Devil
Pretty Little Sunshine
This Ends Here
Blaze of Ashes
Straight To Your Grave

Torkjell Rod - vocals
Thomas Tofthagen - guitar
Arve Isdal - guitar
Espen Lien - bass
Kjetil Greve - drums

Firewind (13:45-14:35)
Wall of Sound
Head Up High
Destination Forever
Few Against Many
World On Fire
Guitar Solo
The Fire And The Fury
Till The End of Time
Losing My Mind
Mercenary Man
Falling To Pieces

Kelly Carpenter - vocals
Gus G. - guitar
Bob Katsionis - guitar/keyboards
Petros Christodoulidis - bass
Johan Nunez - drums

Newsted (15:00-16:15)
Heroic Dose
As The Crow Flies
Long Time Dead
King of The Underdogs
Twisted Tail of The Comet
(We Are) The Road Crew

Jason Newsted - vocals/bass
Jessie Farnsworth - guitar
Mike Mushok - guitar
Jesus Mendez Jr. - drums

Doro (16:30-18:00)
I Rule The Ruins
Burning The Witches
Rock Till Death
The Night of The Warlock
Metal Racer
True As Steel
Raise Your Fist In The Air
Fur Immer
Breaking The Law
All We Are
Earthshaker Rock
Burn It Up
Metal Tango


Doro Pesch - vocals
Bas Maas - guitar
Luca Princiotta - guitar
Johnny Dee - drums
Nick Douglas - bass

UFO (18:15-19:25)
Lights Out
Mother Mary
Fright Night
Let It Roll
Burn Your House Down
Only You Can Rock Me
Love To Love
Rock Bottom
Doctor Doctor
Shoot Shoot

Phil Mogg - vocals
Vinnie Moore - guitar
Paul Chapman - guitar/keyboards
Rob De Luca - bass
Andy Parker - drums

Krokus (20:00-21:25)
Hallelujah Rock 'n' Roll
Go Baby Go
Long Stick Goes Boom
Better Than Sex
Winning Man
Dog Song
American Woman
Screaming In The Night
Tokyo Nights
Easy Rocker
Bedside Radio
Hoodoo Woman
Eat The Rich
Mighty Quinn

Mark Storace - vocals
Mandy Meyer - guitar
Mark Kohler - guitar
Fernando von Arb - guitar
Chris von Rohr - bass
Freddy Steady - drums

Saxon (21:45-23:15)
Wheels of Terror
Power And The Glory
Heavy Metal Thunder
Made In Belfast
And The Bands Played On
I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)
Drum Solo
Solid Ball of Rock
Stand Up And Fight
Dallas 1 PM
747 (Strangers In The Night)
Strong Arm of The Law
Wheels of Steel
Denim And Leather
Princess of The Night

Biff Byford - vocals
Paul Quinn - guitar
Doug Scarratt - guitar
Nibs Carter - bass
Nigel Glockler - drums

Europe (23:30-02:05)
Riches To Rags
Not Supposed To Sing The Blues
Scream of Anger
No Stone Unturned
New Love In Town
In The Future To Come
Paradize Bay
Girl From Lebanon
Prisoners In Paradise
Always The Pretenders
Drink And A Smile (Acoustic)
Open Your Heart (Acoustic)
Love Is Not The Enemy
Sign of The Times
Start From The Dark
Wings of Tomorrow
Jailbreak (with Scott Gorham)
Seven Doors Hotel
Drum Solo
The Beast
Let The Good Times Rock
Lights Out (with Michael Schenker)
Rock The Night
Last Look At Eden
The Final Countdown


Joey Tempest - vocals
John Norum - guitar
John Levin - bass
Ian Haugland - drums
Mic Michaeli - keyboards

Saturday June 8th

Leprous (12:00-12:45)
The Valley
Waste of Air


Einar Solberg - vocals/keyboards
Tor Oddmund Suhrke - guitar
Oystein Landsverk - guitar
Rein Blomquist - bass
Tobias Ornes Andersen - drums

Tankard (14:45-15:45)
Zombie Attack
Time Warp
The Morning After
Not One Day Dead (But One Day Mad)
Stay Thirsty!
Rules For Fools
Die With A Beer In Your Hand
Chemical Invasion
A Girl Called Cerveza
(Empty) Tankard


Gerre Geremia - vocals
Andres Gutjahr - guitar
Frank Thorwarth - bass
Olaf Zissel - drums

The Quireboys (16:00-16:45)
Don't Bite The Hand
There She Goes Again
Devil of A Man
Mona Lisa Smiled
Roses & Rings
Have A Drink On Me
Sweet Mary Ann
I Don't Love You Anymore
7 O'Clock

Spike - vocals
Guy Griffin - guitar
Paul Guerin - guitar
Keith Weir - piano

* all songs acoustic

Civil War (17:15-18:15)
King of The Sun
Saint Patrick's Day
I Will Rule The Universe
Sons of Avalon
First To Fight
Lucifer's Court
Brother Judas
Rome Is Falling
Children of The Grave

Nils Patrik Johansson - vocals
Rikard Sunden - guitar
Oskar Montelius - guitar
Daniel Mullback - drums
Stefan Eriksson - bass
Daniel Myhr - keyboards

Heathen (18:30-19:45)
Dying Season
Control By Chaos
Open The Grave
Arrows of Agony
Mercy Is No Virtue
Fade Away
No Stone Unturned
Goblin's Blade
Death By Hanging

Dave White - vocals
Lee Altus - guitar
Kragen Lum - guitar
Jason Viebrooks - bass
John Dette - drums

Accept (19:45-21:15)
Hung, Drawn And Quartered
Restless And Wild
Losers And Winners
Shadow Soldiers
Bucket Full of Hate
Princess of The Dawn
Up To The Limit
Fast As A Shark
Metal Heart
Teutonic Terror
Balls To The Wall

Mark Tornillo - vocals
Wolf Hoffmann - guitar
Herman Frank - guitar
Peter Baldes - bass
Stefan Schwarzmann - drums

Skid Row (21:30-22:45)
Slave To The Grind
Big Guns
Let's Go
Here I Am
18 & Life
New Generation
Makin' A Mess
In A Darkened Room
Kings of Demolition
Psycho Therapy
I Remember You
Monkey Business
Get The Fuck Out
Youth Gone Wild

Johnny Solinger - vocals
Dave Sabo - guitar
Scotti Hill - guitar
Rachel Bolan - bass
Rob Hammersmith - drums

Avantasia (00:00-02:00)
Invoke The Machine
Black Orchid
Reach Out For The Light
The Story Ain't Over
The Great Mystery
Dying For An Angel
Promised Land
Shelter From The Rain
The Scarecrow
Savior In The Clockwork
Twisted Mind
Lost In Space
Sign of The Cross / The Seven Angels

Tobias Sammet - vocals
Sascha Paeth - guitar
Oliver Hartmann - guitar
Felix Bohnke - drums
Andre Neygenfind - bass
Miro Rodenberg - keyboards
Amanda Somerville - vocals
Thomas Rettke - backing vocals
Ronnie Atkins - vocals
Eric Martin - vocals
Bob Catley - vocals
Michael Kiske - vocals

3/5 Chris Cornell
7/5 Bryan Adams
12/5 Gov't Mule
25/5 Zakk Wylde
28/5 Zakk Wylde

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