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Saw them once.
January 18th, 2009 in Boston at the Garden.

My gripes were the following....

1. I cannot fucking stand center stage shows. I understand that it allows all the seats to be used and it allows for a thousand or so more people to buy tickets, but I don't like it when only one member of the band is facing you at any given time.

2. On my particular show, the setlist wasn't that great. Even though we got 3 AJFA tracks, they played over half of Death Magnetic and the only Ride The Lightning appearance was For Whom The Bell Tolls. I wasn't surprised they didn't do Ride The Lightning but I was bullshit that they didn't do Fade To Black. That should be a mandatory song at every Metallica show.

3. You think Kirk abuses wah on record? You ain't seen shit until you've seen him live.

My pros were the following.....

1. I never expect great sound when 1) I'm dealing with a massive band & 2) the show is in any venue that holds over 10,000 people. I was proven wrong on this night. While loud as fuck, it was a very clear loud.

2. The ticket prices for arguably the biggest band on the planet were very reasonable. Face value for my ticket was 62 bucks and I had seats in the Club section (just above the loge, but the seats are leather & people bring you shit all night instead of going back & forth to the concession stand).

3. The openers were great. (Machine Head & The Sword)

That's about all I remember from the night seeing as almost 4.5 years has gone by since I've seen them. That being said, if they came back again anytime soon, I'd only go if the setlist got a major overhaul.
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