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Nails -- Echo Park, CA -- June 8th, 2013

The venue: The Echo
Source: me

At 330, xdoomsayerx and oraclesofagony arrived at my house and we headed off to Echo Park for Karate class.It was an early show, 5-9, so that's why we left so early. We hit up the local Taco Bell before hand and had to take the nastiest smelling stair case on the way to and from food. It literally smelled like every bum in the city took a piss there. We headed into the venue a little after 5 and went out to the patio for a while and missed Harm Wulf.

We walked in about 20 minutes later to see that Palm was setting up their gear. A few of my friends arrived and we while were all trying to talk, Palm had the most obnoxiously loud sound check I have heard. I was seriously hating on this band so bad during the sound check, but I wanted to give these guys a shot since I heard good things about them and Japanese bands are always cool to check out. I was seriously blown away by how awesome they were!! A perfect mix of hardcore, grind and sludge. The singer was beating the mic into his head way too much and kept stomping on stage. At one point, he jumped off the stage and tried pitting while singing and accidentally unplugged his mic for a few minutes. I was really impressed with these guys, so I bought their cd and a shirt. I think everyone needs to check out Palm if you get a chance. I was able to grab their setlist.

Fighting the Darkness
The Neighbor
Drum New
Short New
Japanese Nightmare
Stray Dog
Rot Away
Holy Outsiders

Next up was Xibalba. Surprisingly, this was my first time seeing them live. They're from Pomona, so they play all the time, yet I never got around to seeing them. As soon as they started, Karate class was initiated. There were ninjas jumping up and down all over the place, even during the slowest part of their set. It was cool to see them live, but I'm really not going to go out of my way to see them again cause I wasn't that impressed.

No Serenity
Fuck You Pelón
Bright Sun

During Xibalba, the singer kept saying Power Trip might not play cause they were running late, so I was worried Power Trip wouldn't play. It turns out they finally showed up right on time and set up and played an awesome 30 minute set. I haven't heard too much of them, so I can't really give a proper setlist. I was just blown away when I saw hardcore dancing to a thrash band. It didn't make sense at all, but whatever.

Finally, at 830, Nails hit the stage. I've seen Nails probably a dozen times at this point and they always put on an amazing show. This was the first time for me to see them since Abandon all Life came out, so I finally got to see them drastically change the setlist up. I was bothered for the first few songs because the sound guy didn't get their sound down perfect. Todd's guitar was dominating all the other instruments, so I couldn't even hear the drums until a few songs in. The sound was perfect about halfway through. I thought it was cool they closed with Unsilent Death. That is pretty much the perfect way to close a Nails show imo. I wish I could go again tonight to Unit B, but I am unable to make it.

God's Cold Hands
I Will Not Follow
In Exodus
Scum Will Rise
Cry Wolf
Suum Cuique
Suffering Soul
Absolute Control
Abandon All Life
No Surrender
Wide Open Wound
Confront Them
Unsilent Death
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