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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
So my question is, do people (and by people I mean intelligent, discerning metal fans) actually enjoy a live Metallica show now? I look at all these posts about their setlists and sure, they can put together some truly awesome sets, but in my opinion they just can't bring it live anymore. I like Death Magnetic, and I saw Metallica tour for that album but I thought the show was awful. Hetfield has ruined his voice, Lars is probably the worst professional drummer out there, Hammett was never a great lead guitarist but he's still OK, and well, I'll be honest, Trujillo annoys the hell out of me. It just surprises me when I see people post "oh man, I'd be so stoked to see Kill 'Em All played in full!"... I'd be stoked if it were Metallica circa 1988 or so, but Metallica now? Give me a cover band instead.
You bring a very interesting point up. A setlist can look sweet as the dickens but if they have to detune/can't play it anymore then they can't hack it anymore.
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