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My list so far is divided into three parts:

1. Releases tied for first place

PLF - Devious Persecution And Wholesale Slaughter
Nails - Abandon All Life
Jayke Orvis - Bless This Mess

2. Releases I enjoy but not as much as the previously listed ones, in no particular order

Bad Religion - True North
Black Sabbath - 13
Cloud Rat - Moksha
Iron Lung - White Glove Test
Sodom - Epitome of Torture
Iron Reagan - Worse Than Dead
Killswitch Engage - Disarm the Descent
Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack
A$ap Rocky - LongLiveA$ap

3. Other good releases I occasionally listen to

Suffocation - Pinnacle of Bedlam
Ghost - Infestissumam
Dillinger Escape Plan - One of Us is the Killer

I'm sure there are a few others I forgot to mention. I have a few albums I downloaded but need to hear still like Magic Circle and Daft Punk.

There are a few albums coming out in the new few months that will change the list up. There's going to be a new Goddamn Gallows, Black Flag, Hank3, NIN and Autopsy.
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