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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Pretty much a Raw recap but they still have quality matches.

I still dont get why WWE cant build stars, 3hr Raw, Main Event, Smackdown and all that social media they like to abuse and they still cant build stars. Like seriously Cesaro, Barrett, Ziggler, Kofi, Cody Rhodes, these dudes should be so much more. Yeah Ziggler has the title but the dude kind just won it.
Are Cesaro, Barrett, Ziggler, Kofi, or Rhodes named John Cena? There is your answer

I turned TNA on when I got home last night, I am starting to get used to their more "theatric" filming style. It was pretty good, despite the lackluster promo made by... that new guy... who came from UFC, whatever his name is. I may try to watch it some more now. Good to see Chris Sabin (sp?) back too, he was one of my favorites back when I first started watching Impact.
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