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I really am digging this album. I think QOTSA are a band that change up their style and sound with every album and while this album dosent have the rage from songs for the deaf or crunchy, stoner esque riffs from their self titled (Save for the song "Keep your eyes peeled" which has a pretty awesome sludgy riff throughout). I think they put more of an emphasis on melody and harmony on this record (songs like "Vampyres of Memory" and "....Like Clockwork" utilizing very nice solos combined with some pretty dreary lyrics). And while they can still bang out some amazing riffs, "my God is the Sun" and "Smooth Sailing" especially, I feel like the change toward a more cathartic and dreary sound is a pretty awesome direction that the band has taken with this album and I cant wait to here the new stuff in a live setting.

PS. Sorry for the elongated post, I'm a pretty big QOTSA fan
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