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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
Mods, pls change title to "The Axl Rose Experience"
Does the same go for any Black Sabbath setlists posted one here when Iommi was the only original member of the band? How about the new Alice In Chains? Anthrax setlists from when John Bush was the vocalist? Do they change the names of all those as well?

No matter what you think this is Guns N Roses now. I grew up with the original band but I still consider this version to be GNR as well. It's the name that pays the bills and as long as people are willing to see them why shouldn't Axl carry on with that name? Bands members come and go a lot in the music world. Unfortunately nothing can be done to bring the old GNR back together. So we've gotta take what we can get and right now this is the only incarnation of the band we will see.
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