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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post is reporting the following setlist for this show.

1. Black Tongue
2. Hand Of Stone
3. Crystal Skull
4. Dry Bone Valley
5. Thickening
6. Megalodon
7. Oblivion
8. Octopus Has No Friends
9. Stargasm
10. Blasteroid
11. Crack The Skye
12. All The Heavy Lifting
13. Spectrelight
14. Curl of The Burl
15. Bedazzled Fingernails
16. Aqua Dementia
17. Iron Tusk
18. March Of The Fire Ants
19. Blood & Thunder
20. The Sparrow

21. The Last Baron
Definitely a better setlist than OP

Originally Posted by TonyD View Post

I knew you would agree
Yee nigga that's my 2nd favorite Mastodon tune.
5/2 The Body/Full Of Hell/Kowloon Walled City/Children of God
5/16 Nothing
10/10-11 California Deathfest

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