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Originally Posted by kngdymond View Post
I guess slayer Tom and Kerry should pack it up cause daves quit the band like 6 times now ( I was at the show here in hollywood in 87 when he bailed the first time) and seen as many shows over the years with him as without

As for Jeff he had been drinking hard for a long time and it caught up to him
plain and simple he had been out of the band for 2 years plus. He seems to have isolated himself as addicts tend to do its sad really cause he started all of this music we all love

the fact is with Gary and Paul they are a sick ass unit PERIOD
hate away but as noted above its better than nothing

To be fair, Jeff was suffering from a flesh-eating disease. I would assume he was pretty depressed and had a lot of time on his hands. He was already a heavy drinker, so the logical thing happened. Anyway, not making excuses, but he was unable to be in the band for 2 years plus.
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