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Well ok...After a few listens, I came to the conclusion that MFAD isn't as bad as JPP.

That being said, still way too many ballads... and two of the three bonustracks should've been on the standard edition! (up in the mountains, sunny side of love)
  1. Love in an elevator
  2. Draw the line
  3. Oh yeah
  4. Cryin'
  5. Last child
  6. Rag doll
  7. Living on the edge
  8. Movin' out
  9. Lover alot
  10. Stop messin' round (Fleetwood Mac)
  11. Janie's got a gun
  12. No more no more
  13. The other side
  14. Chip away the stone
  15. Come together (The Beatles)
  16. Walk this way

  17. Dream on
  18. Sweet emotion

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