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Originally Posted by DisposableJustice View Post
Hmmm pretty good, I find the lack of Hell Awaits a no-no

Would love to hear some Paul era stuff, like DI, Killing fields, and my favorite of that era: 213
No Hell Awaits makes Hellawaits77 a sad panda.

Erotic sensations tingle my spine. A dead body lying next mine. Fuck yeah w/ the DI tunes. SEX.MURDER.ART - always thought that would be a sick opener.

And I know DIM is largely disliked, but I wouldn't mind seeing more tunes from it since Paul is back. Was cool they played Bitter Peace back in '07 (and maybe since, can't remember) and that they brought back Stain of Mind. Flame if you feel it's neccessary, but In The Name of God is probably one of my top 10-15 Slayer tunes. I mean, Slayer essentially has 10ish songs they play every show (or nearly every). Wouldn't mind seeing some of them go for rare tunes.

I hope you're well. Go to hell.
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