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Amen bro, I saw that tour in Denver and it was the first time I saw Slayer; Testament and Megadeth were good but Slayer brought the house down

Seasons is also my favorite album and I shit my pants when I heard it would be played in full (Having Megadeth play Rust in Peace, my favorite album from them was icing on the cake)

I was on Jeff's side of the show and the sound was great it was pure ecstasy for not only to hear the classics off Seasons- War Ensemble, Dead Skin Mask and the Title track, hearing those other songs that were rarely played like Expendable Youth, Blood Red, Spirit in Black and Skeletons of Society was awesome.

In 2011 I had a blast at the Big 4 in Indio, CA. I thought Slayer owned the night, but it didn't feel the same without Jeff up there. Gary did a great job filling in, no way am I dissing on him, but it wasn't quite the same. Then Jeff came up for the last two songs and I remember the place went nuts when they saw him up there (Do you remember I texted you that and you were like "WTF are you talking about). Even though Jeff couldn't really play because of his arm it was inspiring to see him get up there and try. That will be my lasting memory of Jeff, fighting through pain (I have to image) to play for the fans

RIP Jeff, and happy international Slayer day

Also- I got my Jeff shirt in the mail today
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