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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
4) The horrible lyrics. The word "healthy" should never, ever appear in metal. Actually now that I think about it, it shouldn't be a lyric in music in general. When Sir-Mix-A-Lot sings "shake that healthy butt" it douche-chills my boner right into the ground.
I don't think all of the lyrics were terrible, but I hated that there was so much swearing for the sake of looking angry. "My World" is a prime example, but pretty much all of the songs attempted to be too angry.

5) Stupid clean guitar passages. You assholes had almost 19 years of being "artistic" and "forward moving" and "multi-dimensional" and whatever other bullshit buzzwords you used to try and convince your fans you weren't Motley Crue with less songwriting talent. 200 bpm or leave the hall.
If you don't like the specific clean guitar passages, that is one thing, but there's nothing wrong with the band using them if it works. Realistically, had Metallica sounded anything like they did in the 80's, everyone would have complained it's just a rehash. It's the same thing with the new Sabbath album: damned if you do, damned if you don't. Most people here seem to like the new Sabbath, but I've seen some hate for it on other sites.

Solos? Napalm Death never laid down a single guitar solo in their lives and made better albums than this crap. Though Kirk's remark in the movie about how not putting guitar solos on the album "dates it to this time period" was priceless.
There are great bands without solos (though I don't like Napalm Death), but Metallica is a band that has a clear distinction of James playing rhythm and Kirk playing lead. What's the point of him being in the band at that point (besides coming up with the classic lyric: "My lifestyle determines my deathstyle"). Metallica is a different band without classic solos in songs like "The Four Horsemen", "Fade To Black", and "Hit The Lights". While those are great songs in their own right, the solos really enhance them.

Fun fact: Kashmir doesn't have a guitar solo. Neither does Hammer Smashed Face.
Again, different styles require different sounds. "Hammer Smashed Face" honestly would not have been any better or worse with a solo in there somewhere, but I can agree that solos don't always work.

Edit: forgot to mention about Kirk's comment on dating the album: he's 100% right. Not including guitar solos in that context dates it to the Nu-metal sound. It has nothing to do with the lack of solos in general, but rather, the lack of solos because of the popularity of Nu-metal. Adding solos would have gone a long way towards distancing the album from receiving the Nu-metal label.
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