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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
My favorite Venue, Station 4 in St. Paul, MN, haas closed down.

The fire Marshall came today and told the venue they will be closed down after Friday night due to ventilation issues. You joke about how your local venue gets hot as fuck at metal shows, this was THE hottest venue in North America.

If things goes right, Station 4 will reopen in 6-8 months, but there is no guarentee that it will ever reopen due to the price of what it would cost to fix.

I was some of my all time favorite bands there, I have done so many interviews there, I've played there. This is a real punch in the gut right now.

As far as upcoming shows all i know is that Summer Slaughter has been moved to The Cabooze in Minneapolis. Other than that, I believe every other show will be moved or canceled.
That sucks man, I'm sorry to hear that. I think everyone here has that favorite little club of theirs that's has that one little thing that should be a dealbreaker, but it isn't and the place is flipping awesome anyway. For you I guess it was Station 4 and the heat, for me it's Slim's in SF and its goddamn support beams haha.
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