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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
The punk music was explosive but the Ziggler pop was awesome, will probably be subdued because the sound just sucked last night. My TV is louder on mid-volume, the music was so low as well as all the mics. And since it was the hometown guy, Ryder got the biggest pop of the night and then proceeded to get jobbed in under 5 minutes. Curt Hawkins got subdued applause but he's from L.I. too, weird.

Main Event
Alicia Fox vs Naomi
Sheamus vs Antonio Cesaro
Uso's vs Rhodes Scholars
Justin Gabriel vs Curt Hawkins
Aksana vs Cameron

Miz TV w/Kane, Bryan & Orton
Jericho vs Axel
Rio vs Heath Slater
Kane vs Ryback (w/ambulance)
Sandow mental challenge bit
Fandango vs Ryder
Shield vs Orton/Bryan
Shield vs Hell No/Sheamus (prob the dark match)
Hawkins didn't get a reaction because they haven't done anything with him since he and Ryder were tag champs in that stable with Edge and that was like five years ago. Hometown or not, it's hard to get anyone to cheer for you when you've been irrelevant as long as he has.

I still don't get what a lot of fans see in Ziggler. The guy can sell moves like a motherfucker but overall he just isn't that good. His moveset is weak and he has one of the worst finishers I've ever seen. He's has some decent moments on the mic but for the most part he's nothing special there. He's a great in ring seller and that's the only real skill I've seen him bring to the table. I find nothing entertaining about him. The best thing he's got going is that AJ comes with him to the ring, that's it.