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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
No I just mean spoliers for those shows...results in other words. Nothing out of the ordinary from tonight's show, except for one (almost) humongous POP of the year.
Was the pop of the year the one during Jericho's match where CM Punk's music was played to distract him?

I'm not totally sure what to think about the TNA deal with Rampage Jackson. He can talk and has always been a pro wrestling fan which may help to drive him if he does anything in the ring for them. Some MMA style matches with Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle would be good. I wonder if TNA is paying any of his salary? Bellator might be since the contract includes deals with Spike TV, Bellator and TNA. They did the same thing with King Mo a year or so ago, and he has done nothing for any of the companies since then. But I do see potential in Rampage as a wrestler though. He can be TNA's version of what Ken Shamrock was when he was in the WWF.