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Originally Posted by OraclesofAgony View Post
Well, I would've posted a review for that show, but unfortunately the parts of the crowd I interacted with during that show ruined Napalm Death for me and I didn't even bother getting in there for Cannibal, I watched from afar. Next time I run into you I'd explain in more detail, but it's kinda hard to explain, I just felt like I was surrounded by complete idiots and dbags for the first time at a metal show in forever.
Man, I totally feel you on that one. Like i said...a post about this would be fitting for me to make in the setlist section because so much crazy shit went down at that show that it just wouldn't feel right making the post on this thread. I totally feel you on on the crowd, man.... just to drop my quick two cents..

During the epic breakdown to Suffer the Children some white trash scum and his extremely intoxicated girlfriend started throwing nasty dirty hard punches left and right to me and bunch of people all around us like there was no tomorrow. It got really intense and ended with three securities bum rushing our area and kicking those idiots out(the chick and her boyfriend started a pretty brutal fight with some poor sap next to me for no reason. I ended up getting involved..).. Too bad they killed the best part of the song for me... fucking idiots

Sorry to hear about your shitty experience at the show.. I totally feel you on your reasons my brotha
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