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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
Now that i think about it...

I don't really have anymore metal shirts....They're all too fucking big on me.

ahhahaha, speaking of bolt thrower. I ended up using the 100$ i made on my extra ticket to buy a shitload of merchandise. I didn't expect to make so much cash from a 20$ ticket so i got a little carried away and baught two sizes of each shirts. I baught a size medium, and large for each shirt. I purchased about 5-6 designs. Those include the Autopsy shirts....ahahah so i ended buying like 12 shirts... Maybe I'll make the large ones sleeveless or something.

Anyways, good luck to your diet bro.
Yeah I remember seeing your post about that, that's sick man!

I'm not surprised though because there were people posting ads on Craigslist willing to pay 150$ for a ticket! My friend who didn't have a ticket at the time (he ended up getting my extra) told me about that. Crazy stuff.
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