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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
Another review:

Out of all the reviews so far, do you feel that this is the case? They sure seem pretty positive to me for the most part. They are all on my original post if you haven't seen them.
When I said acclaim, I meant serious acclaim, like 'holy shit, these guys are back and ready to fuck shit up' acclaim. Like what happened with A Different Kind of Truth and Blood of the Nations. Those two albums are ones that turned preconceived notions on their head completely, everyone remembers how bad they were expecting ADKOT to be when Tattoo was released right? And how we all ate our words when the album came out and China Town, She's the Woman and As Is proceeded to fuck our couches? The point I've been making this entire time is that merely 'good' is nowhere near enough for the kind of comeback that Queensryche are trying to make- they needed to utterly blow us away, and in my humble opinion I don't think they did that.

The reviews I've read have been positive, but I don't think they've been gushing enough, and I don't think this record is strong enough, to win over fans that are already certain that the album is going to suck. Who knows, I could turn out to be totally wrong. Hell, my review could turn out to be the most negative one out there, I have no idea. We'll just have to wait and see over the next month or two when the bigger outlets release their verdicts.
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