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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
Ubu sounds great.
Sumpin' Sumpin' has a 94 on Beeradvocate from both the community and the owners but I'm not a huge fan of pale wheat ales, I may check it out sometime though.
Wow... there are such beers as Oyster stouts? That's rad.
That sunshine pils looks okay, the only pilsner I've really liked is Victory's prima pils. I had Oskar Blue's mama's little yella pils the other night in a growler, t'was decent. BTW how do bocks compare to pilsners? In general I'm not a huge fan of lagers but I don't base that opinion off of THAT much evidence.
That kristallweissbeer has a pretty fucking high rating on beeradvocate but... an unfiltered wheat ale? That sounds gross.
Yeah, the owners' ratings are odd in some cases, but I agree with them in this case. Weird thing is, if I didn't know Sumpin' was a pale wheat, I'd call it an IPA. Smell, taste, appearance, all look like an IPA. Damn good beer, and not too expensive, you should definitely try it.

Yeah, Oyster Stouts. That was my first one. It was very good, but didn't taste oyster or seafood essence at all.

I need to try Victory Pils, reviews are great. Tried a can of Mama's Little Yella a couple weeks ago, and found myself a bit disappointed. Not a bad pils, just a little bland for my taste.

Bocks are a lot different than pilseners. Not an expert by any means, but a bock is usually dack with lots of malt, sweet, and "roasty".

Yeah the kristallweissbeer didn't like me. Yeah, unreal rating on BA. Won't buy it again.

Originally Posted by OraclesofAgony View Post
Incredibly smooth for how strong it is. Very refreshing too for its style.

One of my favorite beers, if not my most favorite. It's my go-to when I want something strong.
Yep, Sumpin is quite refreshing for sure!

Haha, it's a damn good brew, the Torpedo. So much flavor. Have yet to have a Sierra Nevada I didn't like. Wish there were more variety packs. There are so many varieties, would be easier to try 6 at a time like a Sam Adams sampler than buying them all seperately.

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