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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
That's too bad. I guess they can't all be zingers.
Did I ever mention on here that Brent Hinds was walking through the lobby of The Warfield after a Mastodon headlining show and in total shock I just said "DUDE" and held up my hand to give him a high five, and he was on his cell phone, kept walking and said "fuck you".
I was 16.
Mastodon was my favorite band.
Brent was my favorite guitar player.
Fuck! That would have shattered me. It would have been like if I had met Devin Townsend for the first time and he told me to fuck off.

It's heartbreaking for anyone who has to go through that kind of situation. Luckily for me with Volbeat, Kylesa, and to a lesser extent Dax Riggs, I'm not the biggest fans of them so it was easier to deal with that happening.
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