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Sorry I was coming home when I wrote that I am home now.

To get the full story, i got an email a few weeks ago from Kylesa's PR asking if I would be interested in interviewing them at the Triple Rock (yes the same venue that NOFX wrote about) June 3rd (tonight). This was a first for me for a Non-Local band to reach out to me to ask for an interview, it's always been the other way around, so of course I said Yes.

Tonight I went to The Triple Rock Doors opened at 7pm, and my girlfriend and I were the first ones at the door (getting at the door at 6:59). I text the tour manager and he said that Laura was doing a phone interview till after 7:30. Which is all good by me, gets me time to check out merch (nothing past 20 bucks on this tour for merch for all the bands, including Vinyl)

Just as Lazer Wulf got on stage and was doing their intro, the tour manager taps me on the shoulder and says that Laura is ready to do the interview.

For those not familiar with the Triple Rock outside the NOFX song, there is the venue area, and attached to it is a separate Bar and Grill area, which is where Laura was. I was brought over to her and she was already in a bad mood. She looked at the venue area before going over to the bar area and saw just a few people including myself, so she thought it was going to be a bad audience.

Philip also wanted to do the interview but he was outside smoking a cigarette. Laura and I were talking and we both agreed how we hoped that the show would have been more advertised. Then she banged on the glass window next to us to get Philips's attention to do the interview.

After he got in and expressed Pleasantries (no pun intended Laura Pleasants) we started the interview. I start it off the same way I always do by asking how the tour was doing so far. She says "Good..." not looking at me but reading magazines while saying it. noticing how that is really a giant Fuck You to me, Phillip started talking more than her, but not too much, but a lot better. Almost every question was answered with a 4-5 word sentance and that's it, as if neither one of them wanted to be there. and before the end of the interview before I did my sign off, they both got up to go away. and when I shut off the recorder after the interview, Phillip ran out of the bar. Hoping to make things a little better, I asked Laura if she could do a Station ID. For those that don't know what that is, it's basically what you hear on your local FM radio stations. Ex: "I'm Laura from Kylesa and you're listening to That Drummer Guy." She said... "This is Kylesa and You're listening To That Drummer Guy." After I thanked her for the interview and Station ID she says "So you're a drummer right? Why didn't you ask to interview our drummers instead?" Which I replied "I liked to interview any member of any band who is interested. If it's the drummer, that's awesome. If it's the whole band that is awesome as well. I just like to give bands that I love and care about some good promotion." which she followed with "Wish I had known that to begin with...cheers..." and walked away. And about 3 steps after she walked away, a guy about 3 times my weight starts hitting on her.

I walk back into the venue area where Lazer Wulf was on their last two songs, and the place was fucking packed so she had ZERO reason to be bitchy about the turn out.

Like my horrid Volbeat (FUCK VOLBEAT) interview from last June, this ranks right up there in terms of awkwardness. But I will still post it in the next day or two, unedited so you can hear the awkwardness.
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