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Originally Posted by anomynous View Post
I can't believe they would play the same song six times in a row.

Yeah I know right? What a rip-off, I want my money back... oh wait, I forgot this show was free.

Onto the review:

For those that don't now, this (free!) mini-gig was for the music video of "Goat of Departure" which is off the new album coming out next week. It was held in a tiny bar where the band played on the floor in front of a rabid hometown crowd. A recipe for disaster, so to speak.

When we got to the bar, all the gear was set up along with lighting, cameras, the whole nine yards. There was actually a good amount of people there despite the gig only being announced a few days beforehand. After waiting around for a little bit, in walked the band (in suits with a camera filming them, no less). They did a quick last minute sound check before ripping into "Goat of Departure". The first couple of times they played it, the crowd was supposed to stand still and not act too crazy so they could get some clean shots of the band. After that, we were free to do whatever. And boy, did that ever happen. Before they even played the song again people were pitting and surfing. When they started the song for the third time people pretty much lost their minds. The band was loving the reaction and giving it their all. Trevor of course still did his usual stage antics: spell casting, pumping his fists, which never gets old. And although I was sad about Shannon Lucas leaving the band, Alan is a great replacement who holds down the drums parts wonderfully. I had to stand outside for a couple minutes at one point because it was getting too intense (what can I say, I'm a wimp). After they finished the song for sixth time, they did three other songs as a special treat. After that was done, everybody in the room was pretty much drenched in sweat. All the members of the band stuck around to take pictures/sign stuff/hang out. It was a great thing to see, a band still sticking to their roots and appreciating the support they're getting. They're real stand-up guys, eh?

I have to say, "Goat of Departure" definitely translated well live, despite the sub-par sound in the bar. I think you guys will really like the new songs.

Can't wait to listen to the new album!
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